Name: Raistlin24
Scroll: Raistlin24
Flight Rising info page: Still working on it
Contact: PM me on the forums
Timezone: GMT+1

Breeding information: I accept breeding requests for most dragons. If you want an egg, PM me when you have a free space. Unless we agree on something else, I won't hold eggs for you for more than 24 hours.

This page is an updated version of my Dragon Trees page: http://dragon-trees.wikidot.com/breeder:raistlin24.


High Priority

  • Codes: drwho, dalek (or any other Doctor Who code), 24, CTU, Bauer (or any other 24 code), spy, Dorne, Gimli, Wstlf. Any caps and also numbers instead of letters.
  • Dinos
  • Nice even gen Skywings
  • Tinsels/Shimmers (low-ish gen, lineages that I don't have)

Medium Priority:

  • '13/'14 CB hatchlings
  • CB Coppers
  • 3rd gen Thuwed (double Thuwed or only with breeds of CB pair)